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I'm extremely satisfied & my dental health is back to 100%. This is my dental office of choice & I've been treated like family.

Several of my family members are long time patients & I've even referred my closest friends to Draper Family Dentistry-they're that great!

You can typically get scheduled in quickly. Costs, payment expectations & insurance coverage has always been laid out clearly, ahead of time. Reception staff is very personable, Dr Rubisch & other hands-on staff are relaxed as well as professional. They've all created a comfortable atmosphere you feel as soon as you walk through the door.

After enduring dental pain for far too long I could no longer put off addressing my old, lousy dental work. It was worth it, Draper Family Dentistry delivered relief.

Here's my story.

A previous dentist milked me for money & preformed poor quality root canals. Said root canals seemed to not have been sealed correctly, which eventually lead to painful infections.

I first visited Draper Family Dentistry in spring 2019 when my FRONT CROWN FELL OUT OF MY MOUTH.... (Yep, my worst nightmare: big gaping hole front & center, stuck in public, during lunch rush on a Monday.) I called Julie & was able to be seen by Dr Rubisch only two days later. Meanwhile, I was provided coaching from Draper Family Dentistry of how to temporarily re-attach the crown those days without damaging my tooth or the crown.

Around that same horrifying incident, both of my teeth with no roots began radiating pain throughout my face. Eventually I woke up one morning to find the left side of my face swollen. Of course it was the weekend but Dr Rubisch actually took time out of his day off to return my call and immediately send a script to my pharmacy.

He assessed the abscess that Monday & their team regularly checked in with me over the next few weeks. Finally, we were able to retreat that particular root canal. The process was nearly painless, just a little soreness afterwards.

Now, almost a year later, the second root canal (also a the result from same previous dentist) started causing noticeable discomfort. Dr Rubisch discovered different material was used in this old dental work. The material was hard as a rock making it difficult to remove. He decided it was best to refer me to an Endodontist for this particular surprise.

The Endodontist I was referred to was excellent also. I returned to Draper Family Dentistry where they competed the final steps of retreat. My crowns are once again secure, my root canals are sealed & painless. Mission accomplished.